Fespro Instant Healthy Ragi Pasta

For pasta lovers, the toughest thing to do is resist eating pasta. Obviously, the idea of eating pasta everyday may not be a trusted choice as it becomes essential to give equal importance to health.

But as they say, if favorites become healthy, this makes a deadly combination. And Fespro has created this combination with a healthy pasta pack! We think the doors to eat healthy pasta open when your choice of grains becomes Ragi.

 Ragi, also known as finger millets, fespro ragi pasta is a classic choice for health freaks. It has more than one health benefit associated with it along with goodness of taste. People, who don’t know about ragi, let me tell you that Ragi is one of the healthiest and extremely nutritious millets with the richness of fiber, amino acids, and minerals.

If you often include ragi in your diet, you will get to see visible health benefits like good immunity, weight loss, and change in energy. This is also a diabetic-friendly grain and completely suitable for diabetic people.

Ragi combines the qualities of both whole grain and a pseudo-grain depending on the processing involved. These include protein, fiber, fat, iron, zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins.

You don’t have to think twice before you grab this wonderful grain in a delicious way with fespro ragi pasta. Fespro Foods in Indore has made it a special product packed with the goodness of ragi and wheat semolina which you can enjoy in your any day meal. You will not only find a high percentage of the nutritious value of ragi grain in it but also, the benefits of Durum wheat semolina making it a perfect health product.

We have created this product especially for health-conscious people who often resist when it comes to eating something scrumptious. Because we know, for a pasta lover who is a health freak, nothing can be more satisfactory and beneficial than to have the additive-free grain.

You can enjoy fespro ragi pasta anyway you want. It is delicious in whatever way you cook. With crunchy veggies or melting cheese, Fespro Ragi pasta will leave your stomach full and taste buds wanting more!

So next time when you crave to have something delightful and something healthy, don’t hesitate to choose our healthy pasta with a value of superfood ragi.  With healthy pasta in the kitchen, you don’t need to wait for the weekends to enjoy a pasta treat.

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