• Masala Vermicelli

    Serve : 2 | Cooking Time : 10 MinFespro Food Labs

    Well what to say about this recipe, A perfect breakfast! A quick hunger killer!

    Try your hands on this recipe…


    Fespro Roasted Vermicelli – 150g ( 1-1/2 cups)Chopped Medium Tomatoes – 2Chopped Medium Onion – 1Chopped Green Chilly – 1Chopped Garlic -2-3 clovesTomato Ketchup – 1 tbspCumin […]

  • Fespro Tangy Macaroni

    Serve : 4 | Level Of Cooking : Moderate | Taste : TangyFespro Food Labs

    Enjoy your most loved Fespro Macaroni with the signature tangy taste, follow the recipe and thank us later…

    Ingredients for Macaroni Mazaa Recipe

    Fespro Macaroni 1 1/2 cupsOil 4 tablespoonsSalt to tasteOnions cut into 1/2 inch squares 2 largeTinned corn kernels 1/2 cupGreen capsicum cut into 1/2 inch pieces 1 mediumBaked beans 1/2 […]

  • Fespro Instant Healthy Ragi Pasta

    For pasta lovers, the toughest thing to do is resist eating pasta. Obviously, the idea of eating pasta everyday may not be a trusted choice as it becomes essential to give equal importance to health.

    But as they say, if favorites become healthy, this makes a deadly combination. And Fespro has created this combination with a […]


    In today’s fast-paced world, eating something nutritious yet delicious takes a lot of effort, which is why people are always looking for instant mixes.

     Also, mothers are always on the lookout for nutritious food, but if it is not mixed with delectable taste, the kids tend to ignore it.

    This is where South India’s miraculous “Idli” comes […]

  • Pasta with Scrambled Eggs


    Fespro Pasta 2 cupsButter 2 tbspEggs (medium) 2 nos.Salt to taste


    Cook pasta to al dente (soft to bite), according to package directions.Drain well.Add butter to the pan, and allow to melt.Add drained pasta to the pan and mix well with butter.In a separate bowl, beat eggs well add a pinch of salt to the eggs […]