About Us

Fespro Foods is a Food Tech based company that believes in providing an assorted mix of quality and safety-based foods aiming to conserve traditional values yet tapping on newer variants. Being managed by eminent food technologists and marketing professionals, the company works collectively on the principles of mutual trust, transparency, and integrity. Collating a unique range of health and wellness food products, we provide a global experience which is cherished by our valued customers. Understanding modern consumption needs and with an aim to cater with a global outlook, we realised that there was a niche for quality exotic foods infused with conventional ingredients that would naturally blend with worldwide trends and our ever-evolving lifestyles, away from the clutter of harmful substitutes.


In 2016, two food enthusiasts Mr NareshMaheshwari (Food Technologist, Founder and C.E.O of FTI Food Tech Pvt. Ltd.) and Mr Pankaj Bairoliya (Marketing Professional, Founder and CEO of Aryavrat Marketing Pvt. Ltd.) came together to explore health, food and taste. Deliberation gave way to the idea of combining food products with traditional ingredients infusing nutrition and innovation and voila “Fespro Foods “was born.

It all started with a quest to provide an appetizing and wholesome start to any day. Our gourmet breakfast ranges of muesli, cereals tingled taste buds yet are nutrition filled. After traversing through these hearty snacking options, we next took the flight to explore the land of Pasta.  Keeping the essence of Pasta in mind we came up with a wide variety of semolina, Ragi, Quinoa and Millet based high-quality fusilli, penne and macaroni pasta. Reaching out to home chefs and their families, these exotic products with Indian elements not only satiated their hunger pangs but also looked forward to a guilt-free and gluten-free conscience. Plain and roasted variants of vermicelli, packed with nutritive goodness of semolina are favoured in both its sweet and savoury forms. For tea lovers, we present our range of instant tea premixes in cardamom, masala and ginger flavours. In our instant food ranges we provide instant Dalia, poha and oats for people on the go, thus efficiently reducing cooking time.

And the list continues… Join us in spreading this taste of goodness and health.


Our major motivation that drives all our product development activities is to convert traditional ingredients into contemporary products to fit the need and the taste buds of the evolved consumers and this is what differentiates us, this is our USP -all our New Product Development and Innovation efforts are guided towards one question – How can we modernize a traditional ingredient keeping its essential values intact. A dedicated team of Food Technologists is working continuously on different options developed for targeted consumers.


At the Innovation and Technology Centre, our skilled and experienced set of food technologists and microbiologists work hard each day to provide consumers with the highest quality of innovative food products, with continued collaboration and cooperation amongst them.



An independent non-profit charitable organisation, owned by FTI Foundation is governed by a board of trustees from eminent local personalities of the community and industry and works for a social cause.