Instant Idli Mix (200gx2)


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Instant Idli Mix gives you the pleasure of indulging in your favourite Idlis ‘guilt-free’! What makes it unique is Goodness of Kidney Beans!

Introducing Idli Mix with Goodness of Kidney Beans!

These Idli are special because they do not let the starch received from Rice to be absorbed in your body, hence, making it a guilt-free pleasure!

Easy to make, easier to digest!

  • Makes 12 IDLIS
  • Cooking Time: 15 Mins.

This bundle consists of 2 packs of Instant Idli Mix 200g each. 1 pack makes 12 Idlis.

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    Rice Flour (66%), Deskinned Split Black Gram (Urad Dal) Flour (27%), Salt,    Kidney Bean Powder (2%), Acidity Regulator (INS 330, INS 296) & Raising Agent (INS 500 (ii)).

    Packed in a plant that process Oats, Dairy, Wheat flour, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds & Mustard.

    Directions for Cooking

    • Mix contents of this pack with 275-290 ml of water & Make batter ensuring there are no lumps. Prepare batter should have pouring consistency.
    • Put approx. 1 litre (6 ½) Cup of water in a large steaming vessel or pressure cooker, to boil. Lightly grease idli moulds with oil. Stir batter gently & pour into each mould one by one.
    • Then Place idli moulds inside the steaming vessel. Cover and steam on high heat for 15 mins. If you are using a pressure cooker then, do not apply weight/ whistle.
    • Serve hot.

    Tips: It can be enjoyed with your favourite Chutney or Sambar.



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