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Are oats getting old to you? Here are some tempting and beneficial oat-based breakfast suggestions. It will seem like eating dessert for breakfast; you won’t believe that any of these recipes contain oatmeal. But wholesome!

Every time someone mentions that we have had oatmeal for breakfast for the previous six years of our lives, everyone asks that question. Some graciously expose oats-skeptics to my recipes, leaving them wondering what in the world they eat for breakfast in its place.


Oats are the ideal morning food for a variety of reasons. First off, oats are pretty nourishing. They provide more protein than most other grains and are a fantastic source of fiber and healthful carbohydrates. Did you know your body would receive a lot of minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants from a bowl of fespro instant oats for breakfast?



Oatmeal is the original and best-known way to eat oats for breakfast. Although many individuals mistakenly believe oatmeal to be uninteresting, there is no other food like oatmeal in the morning! A bowl of fespro instant oats is incredibly nourishing and filling and will give you the energy you need to go through the morning.


The ideal method to eat fespro instant oats for breakfast is anytime especially when you’re short on time in the morning. Students and busy individuals who require a ready-to-eat meal are fans of this no-cook way of making fespro instant oats. Instead of soaking the raw oats, you just need to add the boiling water to the full contents.  Mix it well and cover it for 3-4 mins. Hot serve is ready!

Let’s explore more of Fespro oats: How about getting a bowl of breakfast in different flavors?

Fespro instant oats: Veggie Delight

Insta oats veggie delight comes with a mystic twist of veggies with mouth-watering spices. It has richness of Onion, Garlic, Carrot, Chives and taste enhancing Spices and Condiments.

Fespro instant oats: herby tomato

Mood to grab tangy breakfast will make you eat this flavour. Enjoy the tang of tomatoes and freshness of herbs and make your morning happy happy!

Fespro instant oats: Magic Masala

Masala lovers will not leave their choice even in the breakfasts. You can try the exotic spices including, Coriander, Chilli, Turmeric, Cumin, Ginger and Pepper when you eat simple dish like oats!


Health Benefits of Cornflakes And Why You Should Have It.

You carefully consider what is healthy and what is not when at the grocery store, yet you don’t think twice about throwing the package of cornflakes into your basket. There are benefits and drawbacks to living in the concrete jungle. If you’ve lived here for a time, you are familiar with the city lifestyle, which includes a quick breakfast.

We’re all under deadlines, so many daily searches online for a simple trick to utilize as a morning fast cure. We would continue to ask for more even if we could have unlimited time. Maintaining one’s health while living in the fast lane is difficult.

However, this one superfood in the golden cape—Cornflakes—saves your day each morning! There is no doubting that cereals are healthy, convenient, and time-saving substitutes for our paranthas, dosas, and idlis in the modern world. One of the family’s nutritious cereals is cornflakes. People consume cornflakes for breakfast, weight loss, and morning energy.

Are cornflakes healthy, though? Let’s go right to the science and other details of corn flakes.

Roasted maize (corn) flakes are used to make cornflakes. According to scientists, high fructose corn syrup, a sweet-flavoured molecule linked to sugar, makes up the sugar in cornflakes.

The sugar in question is a straightforward carbohydrate. Cornflakes with milk and fruit help us control our metabolism and stop excessive munching.

Did you know thiamine is abundant in cornflakes? Do you understand what thiamine is? It is a crucial component that aids in boosting energy generation, cognitive function, and glucose metabolism.

When you combine a bowl of cornflakes with fruits, nuts, and seeds, you increase your meal’s fibre and vitamin content. We all understand that consuming a lot of fibre will aid digestion and cholesterol management. You may prevent a lot of heart-related dangers and diseases by eating cornflakes, which have a shallow saturated fat content.

Iron is another fantastic ingredient that makes cornflakes very nutritious! Yes, it contains a lot of iron, a key component of haemoglobin. Your skin also starts to reflect the increased blood circulation in your body.

Cornflakes are unquestionably the best option if you’re searching for something nutritious, all-natural, and simple to prepare. Keep your complacency from bringing out the worst in you. Break your fast with a healthy meal and your breakfast.

fespro fresh herbs

Enhancing the flavour through fresh herbs

Isn’t it true that every excellent food contains a hidden element that lingers on our tastebuds and in our heart? Finding the ideal mixture of different components to produce that fantastic flavour is an art that goes into cooking. Pasta recipes benefit significantly from a hint of freshness. Pasta and fresh herbs go along beautifully. Finding the ideal component for each pasta dish is an art, and not everyone is adept at it.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you with your job and get the flavour you’ve been after for a long time.

1. Basil: Basil is prized for its earthy flavour and fresh flavour. Basil’s aromatic qualities can enhance any cuisine. To create pesto penne pasta, one may quickly prepare a fresh basil pesto sauce using components like garlic, pine nuts, and parmesan.

2. Oregano: This herb is often dried with a salty flavour and intense aroma. Fespro Pasta and oregano go along beautifully in every way. Adding a dash of oregano can make any Fespro pasta salad into the ideal supper you’ve been searching for.

3. Rosemary: Is creating the flavour of pasta al Pomodoro at home difficult? Fresh rosemary leaves are added to the tomato sauce before being topped with whole wheat fusilli. Never again will Pomodoro pasta be monotonous.

4. Parsley: Producers of pasta are aware of the value and popularity of pasta. Everyone like the dish Aglio e olio. This meal created out of nothing comes together as if by magic. To prepare the ideal snack, cook this pasta until it is perfectly al dente in olive oil, garlic, and parsley.

5. Sage: Sage and parmesan go particularly well with Fespro whole wheat pasta. Whole wheat pasta is added after the sage leaves have been cooked in butter over low heat. Parmesan and black pepper are sprinkled on top, and you can then enjoy the creamy, nutty wheat pasta.

Nobody can resist the flavour and perfume that these plants bring. Utilize these practical suggestions and make your food speak for you. Make eating a memorable experience!


Are corn flakes good for your body?

One of the most well-known morning cereals made by toasting corn kernel is corn flakes. They come in packaged form and are formed of honey-roasted corn flakes.

Your breakfast is nothing less than a coin of energy that charges your entire body and prepares it to function flawlessly the rest of the day. We can consider it as gasoline which leads the motor run long and continuously.

The issue with our urban lifestyle is that we are frequently in such haste that we would do everything than have a wholesome breakfast! Scientists have shown nutritionists that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that it has to be very nutrient-dense.

Our parents no longer wake us up at five in the morning with the tastiest breakfasts in the world, such as paratha with Makhan, lassi, etc. We skip one of the most important meals of the day because time is money, and we are all racing to cash it. But no worries when fespro cornflakes is ready to serve you what you want in your breakfast! Lets discuss its goodness in brief!

Nutrient Availability:

These crunchy, crispy corn flakes have no cholesterol, a tonne of essential minerals, including iron and zinc, and vitamins B6, A, B12, and D.

What a perfect partnership, yes? When combined with skim milk, a serving of corn flakes typically has 120 calories. Healthful and nourishing!

Low in Sugar:

Milled sugar and corn products with less natural sugar and salt are used to make fespro cornflakes. This is beneficial for controlling blood pressure and maintaining heart health.

Numerous Tastes:

Due to the exceptional reputation of these cereals, fespro cornflakes are offered in a variety of mouth-watering flavours to give you a terrific taste.

The fespro cornflakes have more than just tastes.

Consequently, you may choose taste without fearing that your day will be dull.

Salutary minerals:

Minerals that are excellent for your blood have been added to these cornflakes that helps to avoid congenital disabilities, and helps heal the heart.

Increases memory and improves vision:

Usually, a component called “Lutein” is abundant in cornflakes. If you want to maintain the health of your eyes, lutein is a vital vitamin.

Without a second thought, you can ensure the bowl of Fespro cornflakes on your table every morning. Enjoy a delightful delicacy than a boring breakfast!